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School Supplies

Mentoring school principals, providing teachers and educational staff with professional enrichment activities 

Axioma Achievements in Education operates various professional development programs for school principals and educational staff.

Our Specialists are at your Service

We employ a unique pool of over 150 professional counselors in the fields of organization, content, and management, offering school principals and educational staff individual mentoring, workshops, teachers' conferences, and more. 
Many of our experts and counselors are either experienced school principals or have worked with schools in the past. They have firsthand knowledge of the day-to-day work and the various challenges principals and educational staff face. Thus, they can provide valuable practical experience.

A perfect fit every time

Our professional mentoring and development programs are based on values of flexibility and individual customization. The selected mentor will meet with the school's principal or its educational staff and together they will pinpoint the needs and determine their work's objectives and goals.
The company, and its hundreds of mentors, have extensive experience in customizing programs to different sectors (general, Bedouin, Arab, Ultra-Orthodox) as well as adapting to the various stages of education, the school's culture and principals' mode of operation.
From experience, we have seen schools that require mentoring in more than one discipline. In such a case, the school mentor will bring in additional advisors from the company's pool, thus providing the school principal and educational staff with a complete holistic solution to all their needs. 


Focusing on Results

We are committed to achieving effective results, working tirelessly with the principal and educational staff, to accomplish the goals we set out to achieve during the mentoring period.
To ensure that we are moving in the desired direction and pace, we predetermine milestones where we stop to evaluate the progress and the outcomes and, if needed - recalibrate and implement necessary changes in a very short span of time to ensure achieving our goals.

Our mentoring processes help principals achieving the following results:

  • Using organizational/administrative mentoring to improve  school performance in the aspects of organization, pedagogy, academic achievements and school atmosphere 

  • Preventing both covert and overt dropouts by bringing in social workers who will work with the school's educational staff

  • Closing gaps and minimizing dropouts

  • Processing knowledge and skills expansion in disciplinary fields, such as learning communities, working with parents, individually focused pedagogy, SEL, learning environments' segmentation, and more

  • Emphasizing the school's uniqueness and developing its identity

  • Enhancing the Hebrew teaching force in Arabic-speaking schools

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