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  About us

The Sight and Sound Group consists of Sight and Sound Education Ltd, founded in 1969 by Dennis Belostoky and Axioma Educational Achievements Ltd, founded in 1998 by Dennis Belostoky and Elad Gross. 

The Group specializes in operating nationwide educational projects, operating training centers for companies and organizations in the business sector, as well as a test center for the American Educational Testing Service.

With decades of expertise and experience in education, the group takes full pedagogical and logistic responsibility for each and every aspect and feature of any program or project it manages for its clients.
The group employs thousands of teachers, trainers, pedagogical coordinators, therapists, social workers, pedagogical content developers, analysts, logistics, operations, and management personnel, and more.

Among our clients are the Ministry of Education, and various other government ministries, local authorities, public organizations and institutions, and commercial companies throughout Israel, from Dan to Eilat.

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