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50 Years of Excellence in Education

We bring together a progressive pedagogical approach, logistic expertise and methodologies adapted from the worlds of science, hi-tech and business, to create pioneering educational programs of the highest standard

קרא עוד

We specialize in setting up and operating logistic-intensive educational projects nationwide, from writing the pedagogical contents; recruiting teams of teachers, mentors and instructors through field execution, with ongoing supervision, assessment and analysis of the results 

Our Clients

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We are constantly looking for true team players, with excellent people's skills who love education.


Teachers, counselors, advisors, social workers, team leaders, project coordinators, analysts, content writers, translators - we would be happy to hear from you at

*This is intended for men and women alike

School Supplies


We operate a variety of solutions and many high-quality learning programs as part of the "Geffen" program for pedagogical and administrative flexibility in schools. Via this program, school principals can now benefit from our extensive experience, our pedagogical programs, and the company's array of specialists and mentors 

Data driven learning

We believe in 'data-based learning' supported by real-time feedback from educational staff and students alike. The streaming data enables our pedagogical professionals to make swift content and pedagogical adjustments in order to achieve our designated aims. This ensures that students are indeed on the right path in achieving the program's goals and objectives.

We have the ability to implement 'data-based learning' methods thanks to unique technological systems developed by Axioma's operational and pedagogical specialists. These advanced tools are the backbone of the educational programs we operate.

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